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Sunday, April 12, 2009
A startlingly fresh, informative newsletter...

Dear Friend,

If you're looking for a great source of information about what works now -- today -- when it comes to Internet Marketing and the area of online business, then you're fortunate to have found the Internet Marketing Newsletter.

If you wished there was a definitive source of "industry intelligence" that was not a thinly-disguised excuse to sell affiliate promotions...

  • A newsletter that was not the same old recycled junk…
  • A reliable publication which provides real tactics, tools and tips that enable you to increase your business through real strategies and principles.
  • Be very glad you found this page!

There is such a newsletter!

Here's the story...

Let Me Ask You A Question...
Will You Survive... Or Will You Be Eaten Alive?

The value of up-to-the minute, current information for most professions is undisputed and quite honestly the most important essential ingredient to your attempts at growing a business.

Other industries have known this for decades. Just think about it. Physicians, attorneys, business executives, engineers, financial pros and investors understand that continuous education is not just a good idea... it's an absolute requirement in order to excel their careers.

If you want to survive in business, you must stay current. It's the same thinking when it comes Internet Marketing.

Up until now, the world of online business has been like the Wild West Days of the early United States. A virtual free-for-all.

Those days are coming to a fast close.

Your competitors are now industrial spies and they are watching you. They are more educated. Heck, they even know how to spy on every single move you make. A whole industry has spawned with tools and high-tech software designed specifically for your competitors to watch your every move.

Will you survive... or be eaten alive?

Isn't It Time For A Higher Standard Of
Essential Internet Marketing Information?

Professionals in the medical, financial, and technical fields keep current with professional journals specific to their industries. They've been doing it for years and they know the value of up to date current industry specific information. Some industries even require this of you.

Look at this small sampling of just a few of the top Professional Journals and Newsletters... and their subscription fees.

Industry Trade Journals In Other Markets

Hulbert Interactive

The Technical Indicator

Value Line Investment Survey

Adweek Advertising

Proactive Fund Investor

EFT Trader

Until now, there was no equivalent in the Internet Marketing field.

You either had to read newsletters from other fields and translate them to your own business... or you were stuck with amateurish, hand-typed email newsletters published by hucksters and snake oil salesmen.

That all changes... and it starts right now.

Announcing Internet Marketing's
First & Only Monthly Trade Journal

The Internet Marketing Newsletter is now the undisputed new voice of Internet Marketing information.

  • Held to the highest levels of journalistic standards.
  • Backed by a $20 million dollar a year publisher.
  • Best of all, the Internet Marketing Newsletter lives up to the same quality standards of those in the investment, trading, and financial fields. You won't be disappointed with it!

What's most exciting is... while these journals you see above focus on investments and traditional advertising, IMN is focused solely on the subject of  Internet Marketing.

You'll look forward to receiving and reading every single page of the monthly Internet Marketing Newsletter from cover-to-cover each month.

In each information packed monthly issue, we'll be giving you in-depth coverage of hot, relevant issues like...

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Beginner  Marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Podcasting & Social Media

  • Internet Success Recipes

  • Testing & Tracking

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Google Updates

  • SEO

It's Not Just One Person... You Get Our
Complete Internet Marketing Newsletter Faculty

Each month, Internet Marketing Newsletter (IMN) brings you the news you need to know about Internet Marketing trends that directly affect you and your business.

And to do it, we've assembled the foremost experts from all facets of Internet Marketing to teach you each month.

Get Ready To Meet Your Monthly Columnists...

Affiliate Marketing: Stu McLaren

Stu McLaren is the Internet's top expert on Affiliate Marketing - so much so that he has managed the affiliate programs for top Internet Marketers and companies including Glazer-Kennedy, Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin, Automated Marketing Solutions, and many more. Stu is responsible for many (if not most) of the innovations in Affiliate Marketing, and his tactics and techniques have created millions of dollars in affiliate revenues.

Stu will pull back the curtain each month and show you both sides of the coin: how to make money selling other people's products, and how to enroll an army of "volunteer salespeople" who don't get a dime from you until they make sales of your product.

Get The Latest Affiliate Marketing Strategies From Stu!

Beginner Internet Marketing: Dr. Jeanette Cates

Jeanette S. Cates, PhD is the creator of the Online Success System and author of Online Success Tactics: 101 ways to build your small business.

Dr. Cates is a frequent speaker at state and national conferences, with more than 300 presentations to her credit. Her fast-paced, information-packed presentations and her knack for explaining cutting-edge technology in easy-to-understand terms have gained her the reputation of being The Technology Tamer™. She has taken that same experience and applied it to the Internet to become your own personal  Online Success Guide.

Nobody is better qualified to write our monthly column on getting started in Internet Marketing.

Let Dr. Cates Get You Started In Your Online Marketing Business

Internet Success Recipes: Michel & Sylvie Fortin

Michel is recognized as one of the top copywriters on the web. One of his clients generated over a million dollars in a single day with his copy. His wife, Sylvie Fortin, owns one of the largest outsourcing firms online.

They are both instrumental in generating hundreds of millions of dollars online for themselves and their clients. They have worked with many of the Internet’s most successful marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses spanning 200 different industries and niches.

Through their unique experience they have defined the proven "recipes" for online success, and they now own & operate Success Chef, an in-depth, multimedia-based training system that teaches anyone, both new and experienced, how to generate income on the web or build an online business.

Each month the Fortins will share a vital "recipe" from their online success cookbook.

Join Michel and Sylvie, and Create Your Perfect "Success Dish"

Marketing Strategy: Armand Morin

Armand Morin is the world's foremost online marketing authority. A quick bit of Internet research shows his name referenced in relation to "marketing" on over 1,500,000 websites. His companies (including Generator Software and Big Seminar) have generated over $55,000,000 (that's fifty-five MILLION dollars) in sales... and are projected to have revenues of over $20 million this year alone. No other Internet Marketing Expert can claim those kinds of results.

Armand is a world-renowned speaker, seminar leader, and Internet Entrepreneur.

His underground training organization (AM2.0), while never publicly promoted, is one of the LARGEST of its kind in existence (even though the minimum price of admission is $500 per month and is available only by invitation and only twice each year).

In his column, Armand provides the big picture of what's hot right now in Internet Marketing, plus his trademark step-by-step outlines of how to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks in Pay Per Click advertising and Search Engine marketing.

Learn Armand's Inside Marketing Strategies Every Month

Copywriting: Ray Edwards

Ray Edwards is a sought-after direct response copywriter specializing in online sales copy and direct sales websites.  His client roster reads like a “Who’s Who of the Internet Marketing World” and includes Mark Victor Hansen, Frank Kern, Alex Mandossian, Joel Comm, Stu McLaren, Jeff Walker, Brad Callen, Kirt Christensen and Jack Canfield.

In the last twelve months, Ray wrote the sales copy for most of the Internet's biggest "product launches", created revenue estimated at over $20 million.

Each month, Ray shares specific tactics you can use in your Internet business to turn more browsers into buyers... and how to convert conservative customers into raving fans and big ticket buyers.

Join Ray As He Helps You Transform Words Into Wealth

Internet Audio and Video: Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart has been dubbed the Internet Audio/Video Guy. Before Mike arrived on the Internet Marketing scene, audio and video on the Internet honestly was quite horrible. Mike introduced numerous Internet Marketers to the idea of high-quality clean audio recording.

Having spent decades in the music industry, Mike knew the power of audio and has now taught thousands of Internet Marketing experts how to use in the their marketing. In fact, if you hear a marketer using audio or video in the marketing today, you can almost bet that Mike Stewart had something to do with it.

Learn How Audio and Video Can Explode Your Online Business

The Net Reporter: Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards has been a full-time Internet Marketer almost a decade and has been responsible four countless thousands of success stories from all walks of life. Jim has almost single handedly create and ebook revolution. He's proven information marketing is alive and well on the Internet. His innovative strategies and straight to the point teaching style has earned him a tremendous amount of respect from his other Internet Marketers and students the world over.

Jim will be sharing with Internet Marketing Newsletter subscribers each month his latest techniques and strategies allowing you to bring your business to the essential and rewarding next level of business you've always wanted.

Get The Insider Scoop From Jim Edwards Now

That's Not All... Not By A Long Shot...
You Get ALL THIS, TOO...

The Internet Marketing Newsletter is like no newsletter on making online money you’ve ever seen before… once a month, you’ll get a professionally written, carefully edited, PDF newsletter of magazine quality (not some crappy text email “disguised sales pitch”).

And it's also not some flimsy, amateurish attempt at publishing... we've produced a REAL MAGAZINE, with professional full-color design, eye-pleasing and easy-to-read layout, and top-notch content.

All delivered electronically in a professionally produced PDF format - reducing clutter in your office and allowing you take your issues with you everywhere you take your computer or PDA.

And starting with your very first issue, you’ll get jaw-dropping articles & information on subjects like…

  • Create A Viral Marketing Traffic Storm – One of our columnists has used viral marketing tactics to attract over 2,000,000 visitors to his websites, including one case where he generated over 14,000 views in the first 48 hours. Would you like to know how?
  • Public Domain Riches – The easiest way to create products quickly and cheaply… anyone can use Public Domain products into income instantly. What is Public Domain? Simply products and books that have expired copyrights… and you can use these products, slap your name on them and sell them as your own – legally!

    Discover several ways to predict with 100% accuracy which public domain products will start raking in the money for you the moment you put them up for sale.
  • The Best Way To Make Money With Adsense - One of our experts taught the very first class ever on Adsense back in 2003. He personally uses some cutting-edge techniques these days to generate a very significant income on autopilot. Does it work? Well, this individual used one month’s Adsense check to buy his parents a new home. For cash.
  • Rapid List Building System – Find out how to build an opt-in list into the hundreds of thousands of subscribers, with NO spamming or shady tactics. Really – anybody can do this once you know how. The principles are simple and straightforward and they work for anyone as long as you IMPLEMENT THEM.
  • Press Release Power Tactics – Master the insider methods for using online Press Releases, and you’ll  be able to get traffic to your sites overnight, on demand. Imagine flooding your website with traffic whenever you want.
  • Easy Affiliate Marketing Income – Another one of our columnists earns over a million dollars a year selling other people’s products and services… mostly on autopilot and just for fun. In an upcoming issue, he’ll break it down in detail for you, showing you exactly how he does it.
  • Get Rich With Your Own Affiliate Program – We’ll reveal how to recruit, build and train affiliates to market your products and services – plus we’ll show you exactly what tools we provide to our affiliates and how we provide our trainings each week (nobody does this, which is a mystery... because it really gets results!).
  • Website Flipping for Fun & Profit – We'll let you in on proven, tested, neat little system for buying complete web businesses, and then flipping them in just a few days (sometimes as few as 3 days). You can start flipping sites for as little as $50 - selling them at 3 – 5X what you paid!
  • Blog Income Bonanza – Recently we uncovered a 100% white-hat method for making money using blogs… and now have several thousand blogs working for us. It’s 100% legit, and we don’t "steal" anyone else’s content. Wanna know how to do it? Subscribe today.
  • Scoop Up Free Traffic With SEO – Don’t worry, you don’t need a degree in rocket science, or a hat with a propeller on top, to get good Search Engine rankings. We have some “quick acting” techniques that will get you great rankings at lightning speed (without using any “black hat” techniques).
  • Quick & Easy Product Creation Tactics – For a long time "Mr. X" was known primarily as “the product creation guy”. Learn to create ANY type of product without any knowledge about the subject whatsoever. Mr X's time-tested and proven formula works for creating information products as well as high-quality in-demand software products.
  • Copywriting Secrets That Turn Words Into Wealth – The power that persuasive copy brings you is simple: it allows you to create sales and profits using nothing but words. Our copywriting expert is booked well into next year... so you can't hire him. But in the Internet Marketing Newsletter, he will share his copywriting tips, and how he writes his multi-million dollar sales letters... so you can do the same for your business!
  • eBook Fortunes – There’s still a fortune in eBooks (contrary to what you hear from many “gurus” these days)… even Amazon is in on it now! There’s always room for new eBooks… and we’ll spill the beans on the four types of ebooks, how to get them onto Amazon's cool little "Kindle"... and how to create these ebooks quickly & easily.
  • The Perfect Traffic Storm – Traffic is one of the most basic building blocks of online success. If you can generate traffic, you can make money! In an upcoming issue of the Internet Marketing Newsletter, we’ll show you how to drive over 5,000,000 visitors to your sites every single month!
  • Secrets of Superior Audio Products – We’ll give you simple techniques for creating audio products that sound like a million dollars. These simple tricks will make your product stand head and shoulders above everybody else’s.
  • Power Product Launches That Build Businesses – Product Launches can bring you instant windfalls of profit… but hardly anyone uses them to lay the foundation for an ongoing stream of revenue. We show you how to use a Product Launch to generate buzz before, during and long after the product has “launched”.
  • Tele-Seminar Secrets Revealed – Since 1996 one of our faculty has been making big money with teleseminars… And in a future issue, he tells you how to profit quickly and instantly, talking on the phone, from the comfort of your own home. This expert routinely generates $10,000-$200,000 with teleseminars… and so can you.

And much, much more! That’s just SOME of the stuff we’ve got planned for you in upcoming issues of The Internet Marketing Newsletter.

So How Much Is This Crucial Information Worth?

So now you’re chomping at the bit, wanting to get your hands on the Internet’s premiere Marketing Newsletter…

  • Published once each month…
  • Crammed with real tools, tips, techniques and tactics…
  • Battle-tested strategies that really work for making money online…
  • Laid out professionally in full color and delivered as a high-quality PDF magazine you can read from your computer.

If just one tactic from the Newsletter made you an extra $100 or $300 or even $3,000 per month, your monthly subscription to the Internet Marketing Newsletter could be worth many thousands of dollars in extra revenue.

You already know that many investment, professional, and trade journals sell for $197, $299, $598 or even more.

But now, prepare to be REALLY shocked.

Are you ready?

The Internet Marketing Newsletter is NOT $97 per month.

It’s NOT $47 per month.

It’s NOT even $27… or $17 per month.

In fact, the price… as hard as this might be to believe… is…


Yes, You Read It Right... It’s 100% FREE!

So what are we up to here? Why is the Internet's premiere online marketing journal 100% absolutely FREE?

No money from you. Ever. And here’s why…

We think that if we give you more value in the newsletter… more value than you get from newsletters that DO charge $25 per month (or even $97 per month, or $299 or even $598 in some cases)… that later on you may decide to purchase any one of our products or come to our seminars or work with us more closely as thousands of others have.

It's that simple.

We give you lots of value, over time, and you end up doing business with us later on as a result.

It’s called... MARKETING.

The old-fashioned way.

All you need to do is sign up now.

Subscribe Right Now And You'll Instantly

To make your decision an easy one, when you subscribe today we'll include these three free gifts - the three most powerful Digital Books that can transform your business and your life.

These are digital, downloadable versions of the influential books most often cited by Entrepreneurs as "books that changed my life". You're getting:

FREE Bonus Gift #1: "Think And Grow Rich"

This book was written by Napoleon Hill at the instruction of Andrew Carnegie (then the richest man on Earth). In these pages, Hill identifies the common traits and characteristics of the most successful men on Earth, and outlines a system for duplicating their results.

This book has sold over 20 million copies, and experts in self-development like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy all cite the book as being required reading for anyone who wants to succeed in life.

FREE Bonus Gift #2: "The Master Key System"

This book, by Charles F. Haanel is remarkable. It's a clear, simple, and common-sense method for using the Power of Creative Thought.

The Master Key System teaches the causes, effects, and laws that govern success and achievement. Want something? The Master Key is the System that will produce what you want.

Popular legend has it that Bill Gates, after reading this book, decided to drop out of school at Harvard and start his first company -- Microsoft.

FREE Bonus Gift #3: "The Art of Money Getting"

This book is fun read, and jammed full of great, timeless principles for building massive wealth, and yes, it's written by one of the greatest showmen of al time: P.T. Barnum.

In the book, Barnum lays out a set of rules guaranteed to bring success... and what's astounding about these rules is that these rules of success are just as valid now as they were in Barnum's day. The best part is you can get your hands on this timeless class just by claiming your FREE subscription today!

Claim Your FREE Bonus Gifts Right Now

Here's How You Can Claim Your FREE Subscription To Internet Marketing Newsletter In 4 Simple Steps

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  4. Check Your Email For The First Issue!

That’s it.

We’ll start sending you the Internet Marketing Newsletter immediately.

FINAL NOTE: Read the first issue for yourself and see if you don't agree it's as good as any newsletter that costs $97 per month...

Fill out the form below and you'll immediately receive your FREE Subscription to the BRAND NEW Internet Marketing Newsletter each and every month!

There's NO COST now or in the future, just 100% pure Internet Marketing Training information for you.

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There's NO COST, NO OBLIGATION, CANCEL at anytime!

Take advantage of this offer while it's still FREE. We're sending you thousands of dollars worth of information, articles, tools and tactics… and asking NOTHING in return.

Our hope is that you will be so impressed by the powerful information presented to you that you will choose to do business with us in the future.


Armand Morin,
Editor & Publisher
Internet Marketing Newsletter

P.S. - If you skipped down to just read this P.S., you just missed out on the most compelling offer we've made in 12 years of Internet marketing. Go to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

But for sure... claim your FREE subscription now.


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